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Unlike Earthrise , the seminal photograph of a partial Earth with the Moon in the foreground taken by Apollo 8 in , Marble shows the planet in all its spherical glory, thanks to a flight plan that directed Apollo 17 over the Southern Hemisphere at midday at the peak of the southern summer. No wonder the ecology movement seized upon it to convey the message that Earth is a last-chance habitat in the blackness of space. Arthur C. Clarke, the British-born sci-fi visionary and author of A Space Odyssey , says from Sri Lanka that the image was the "first clear picture of the full Earth that most people ever saw, and at the time they were beginning to be concerned about environmental problems.

NASA officially credits the photograph to the entire Apollo 17 crew: commander Eugene Cernan, 78, who is a consultant in Houston after leaving the agency and running an aeronautics firm; command module pilot Ronald Evans, who died in ; and lunar module pilot Harrison "Jack" Schmitt, 67, who in was elected to one term as a U. Senator from New Mexico and is a consultant in Albuquerque. Continue or Give a Gift.

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"There's No Place Like Home, Part 2"

Future of Space Exploration. Human Behavior. Our Planet. Ukraine, impeachment inquiry potentially politically perilous for Biden: Experts. Chief Justice Roberts touts nonpartisan Supreme Court as impeachment battle begins. Trump pledges continued aid, support for Venezuela. A list of the fast-growing number of Democrats calling for Trump impeachment probe. DHS rolls out framework to combat violent extremism.

Fingerprint cracks high school arson after 23 years: Sheriff. Facebook says it won't fact check politicians. Second man arrested in probe of Mac Miller's overdose death.

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Oklahoma middle school football player dies following game. US says airstrike against IS in Libya kills Iran: Defense minister rejects any deal on missile program. UK lawmakers to return to Parliament amid political turmoil. Kylie Jenner is 'really sick' and has been hospitalized. The climate change problem nobody is talking about. Norwegian Cruise Line to scrap single-use plastic bottles.

Oceans have been 'taking the heat' of climate change, UN report says. Woman's iPhone miraculously works after spending 15 months at bottom of river.

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Officers sent to bust teens end up joining in on their fun. Man admits to shooting transgender woman in hate crime, police say. Therefore, you have to give even more to compensate for deviation from normal behaviour. How you do that is, ultimately, how you win.

An app can be like an important, but seldom-used tool in your toolbox. News is every day, though.

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