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Further collaboration with and training to public children service agencies led to formation of the Public Children Services Association of Ohio in During the s, Association membership and staff grew. Agencies began providing care and support to children in home and community-based settings, including treatment foster homes.

In , Virigina Colson retired and Penny Wyman , a legislative aide in the Ohio House of Representatives, succeeded her as Executive Director, a position she kept for twenty-six years. In , the Association became a pioneer in developing one of the first software systems in the country for child welfare and behavioral health outcome management.

Since its official launch in , 22 member agencies participated in the project. Data findings from the project have been featured in several professional journal articles and Ph.


The project ended in Joseph Home for Children St. Christian Alliance for Orphans. Hephzibah gains momentum Communications Team July 31, News Hephzibah, a Wesleyan subsidiary organization, continues to take steps toward a full launch, targeted for fall A new financial model provides for all administrative costs to be funded by interest earned on investment from the March 14 sale of the former Christians at their best are known as people who take special care of orphans.

More Wesleyan churches are emphasizing adoption and foster care locally as well as through international outreach to orphan More Wesleyan churches are emphasizing adoption and foster care locally as well as Email Address. First Name. Last Name. Subscribe to: WesLife News semimonthly newsletter sharing inspirational stories and news Unleashed General Conference updates Daily Devo a bite-sized devotion, delivered daily Thrive in 5 healthy, fit, effective pastors Siftings news for retired pastors.